I'm Not Growing Up

i'm just burning out

Writer's Block: Out of fashion
If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

Sheep are tortured and murdered for Uggs footwear, that alone makes it disgusting. The shoes are not very versatile for their price; they get destroyed by dirt, rain, and snow. Lastly, they are simply UGLY.

Writer's Block: Back from the dead
If you could experience being dead for one day to learn what happens in the afterlife, and were guaranteed to return to life the following day, would you do it? Why or why not?

of course i would do it!
it would pretty much tell you which religion is right, if any.
therefore, telling you how to live the rest of your life

the li punk scene is dead
as long as there arent all ages shows, it is dead
the whole point of the punk movement was for band/fan interaction, as opposed to huge stadium rock bands
and younger fans which are the FOUNDATION of the scene cant even get within 100 ft of them
it is dead, i will never go to an 18+ show even when im older
they'll be stupid immature drunk fucks instead of a mix so there are kids actually enjoying the show
i am so done, i give up
rip li punx


Obama Launches Airstrike
Strikes in Pakistan Underscore Obama’s Options
Published: January 23, 2009
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Two missile attacks launched from remotely piloted American aircraft killed at least 15 people in western Pakistan on Friday. The strikes suggested that the use of drones to kill militants within Pakistan’s borders would continue under President Obama.

Remotely piloted Predator drones operated by the Central Intelligence Agency have carried out more than 30 missile attacks since last summer against members of Al Qaeda and other terrorism suspects deep in their redoubts on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan.

But some of the attacks have also killed civilians, enraging Pakistanis and making it harder for the country’s shaky government to win support for its own military operations against Taliban guerrillas in the country’s lawless border region.

American officials in Washington said there were no immediate signs that the strikes on Friday had killed any senior Qaeda leaders. They said the attacks had dispelled for the moment any notion that Mr. Obama would rein in the Predator attacks.

Mr. Obama and his top national security aides are likely in the coming days to review other counterterrorism measures put in place by the Bush administration, American officials said.

These include orders President Bush secretly approved in July that for the first time allowed American Special Operations forces to carry out ground raids in Pakistan without the approval of the Pakistani government.

Friday’s missile attacks hit Waziristan, a remote and mountainous region controlled by the Taliban, in the semiautonomous Federally Administered Tribal Areas along the Afghan border.

The first struck a village known as Mir Ali in North Waziristan late in the afternoon. In a statement, Pakistani government officials said the attack destroyed the house of a man identified as Khalil Dawar and killed eight people. The statement said militants had surrounded the area and retrieved the bodies.

A senior Pakistani security official said four of those killed were Arabs. Pakistani intelligence officials often take the presence of foreign fighters as an indication of Qaeda involvement.

In the second attack, missiles struck a house near the village of Wana in South Waziristan, killing seven people, according to local accounts and Pakistani news reports. The reports said three of the dead were children.

American officials believe that the drone strikes have killed a number of suspected militants along the frontier since last year, including a senior Qaeda operative who was killed Jan. 1 and was suspected in the 1998 bombings of the United States Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad four months ago.

But the civilian toll has angered Pakistanis. A senior Pakistani official estimated that the attacks might have killed as many as 100 civilians; it was not possible to verify the estimate.

American and Pakistani officials are known to share some intelligence about militants, but it is unclear whether Pakistani officials have in any way acquiesced to the drone strikes or helped provide intelligence for them while opposing them in public. Openly supporting the attacks would be untenable for a government perceived as being too close to the American government.

Ismail Khan contributed reporting from Peshawar, Pakistan, and Eric Schmitt from Washington.


Let's Add To The Hype of Obama-Nation


And you say vegetarians don't get enough protein
Out of the recommended 30g of protein daily
I've gotten 22 without dinner
So fuck antis

i ate about 35 g, so there :P

Thoughts Created By Addendum
i am everything, nothing ordinary

firstly, i am recycled
created essentially by the big bang, every atom comes from the same place

secondly, i am alive
just as animals need to breathe
as plants need sunlight
so do i
all living things have the same goal and motivation:
to stay alive
nothing would matter if we were dead, that's why death scares us so much
because all our worries mean nothing if we don't exsist
our exsistance seems meaningless when we pass on

next, i am human
every human is created by the same acts, sex and birth
every human's genetics are .1% similar
let alone family and people of the same decendents
how much more alike can you get?
we are all brothers and sisters:)

then, i am American
a product of the government's rules, society, and the economy
my world view skewed by the corrupted media i have witnessed in my lifetime
distorted views on historical events, and world affairs by propaganda

lastly, i am a product of all i've experienced
without society to rebel against, i would not be me
without corruption, i could not be inspired to do good
without human rights violations, i would not care for human lives
without violence and pain, i would not be so against them
all my beliefs, and choices, come from other places
obviously, nobody is exactly the same because we experience different things
but truthfully, we are all so similar that differences are really trivial and ridiculous
the more you try to stand out, the more obvious the sources that make you who you are
it can be good and bad, depending on if you like subtlety
human behavior would be much different if not driven by money
adults call kids naive because we are no so affected by money
therefore, kids are driven by emotion
we use our bravery, let things inspire us, thirst for knowledge, and actually care for other human beings
the younger we are, the more apperant this 'innocence,' and natural 'goodness' are
sometimes this behavior does not fade with age.

you can also see this emotional drive by people who have all the money they need
without a worry to maintain money, they can be driven by other factors
they can get what they want and need, for it is no longer money
an example would be renaissance eras
during these eras, people hold sustainable wealth
the overall area is not worried about general health and wellness [and more recently, money]
they can then use their time for other tasks
these tasks reflect human emotion, like art and music
technological advances are made beacause the resources are avaliable, and people genuinely are interested in discovering new things,and advancing society to the maximum potential.

when driven by money, people often neglect the things they have a passion for
this causes society to digress because people are simply filling voids
jobs that can be easily replaced by anyone else
just fullfilling duties society needs to survive
doing these duties so you can get basic neccessities
no matter how much you dislike it, or stress your loved ones.
job is a negative word
people are blinded
religion, money, and politics divide people; they prevent people from making honest decisions
human nature is simply honest human behavior
not road rage, getting cosmetic surgery to be attractive, or working a job that makes you unhappy

**so my mind has run dry for now, there's an eye-full**

Worth Every Second Of Your Time



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